Vision & Values


GRT’s vision is to be a premier assessment, design, and remediation service provider recognized for our talent, technical proficiency, and our ability to bring emergent and proven technologies to the field.

At Global Remediation Technologies, our mission is to be 100% effective at understanding our client’s problems, developing and implementing solutions, and providing ongoing technical support to our clients. Throughout this process, we are mindful to perform these goals with complete integrity and professionalism. We listen carefully and work to understand your needs before arriving at solutions. We work hard to earn your trust.


Honest Business Practices
We are committed to practicing business with honesty and integrity. We are open with our clients as to our capabilities and qualifications and firmly believe in accountability and pride in our work product.

Strong Client Service
Recognizing the unique requirements of our clients, we are committed to finding technically and economically sound solutions. We accomplish this by assembling highly trained project teams that focus on providing unsurpassed quality assurance and service to our clients in a timely and cost effective manner.

Strong Team Development
Our company is comprised of highly trained individuals that form collaborative interdisciplinary teams to more effectively meet the needs of our clients. Roles are clearly defined allowing team members to be reliable, trustworthy, responsible, and effective communicators. These traits are essential to the success of our company.

Environmentally Responsible
We are committed to searching for environmental solutions that positively impact the world we live in. We also acknowledge the often delicate balancing act between economics and environmental responsibility and are committed to working with our clients to meet their goals within the context of the regulatory framework.

Strong Employee Commitment
Cognizant that employees constitute the single most important asset to the service industry, we are committed to fostering a thriving environment for our employees that is both challenging and rewarding. Professionally, we emphasize an open and trusting work environment that encourages teamwork and professional growth. Personally, we stress the importance of family and recognize the importance of employee’s private lives.