Global Remediation Technologies, Inc. was established as a corporation in 1993 with a focus on two principal service areas: to perform remedial investigations and apply remediation technologies for private and public clients.

In 1994 we began performing bench-scale laboratory tests to facilitate the design and implementation of in-situ and ex-situ treatment technologies. For nearly two decades our firm utilized these bench-scale studies, focusing on the integration of mechanical, biological and chemical injection capable of facilitating in-situ treatment, liquid/vapor recovery and a variety of ex-situ treatments. We continue to design treatment technologies and apply what has been learned while teaming with university researchers when a treatability study is desired for a client’s project.

Since our inception, GRT has known the importance of thorough remedial investigation in understanding subsurface chemical transport behavior in glacial and bedrock environments. To this day, investigative techniques employed by our team include a variety of drilling methods (Geo-probe, rock core, sonic, mud rotary and hollow stem auger) and in-situ site characterization, such as laser induced fluorescence, ground Penetrating radar/electromagnetic surveys, stream study pore water sampling and vapor intrusion studies.

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